Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink


Upon the arrival of each fall and winter, we are met with nostalgic feelings which lead to the deep seeded desire to clean for the holidays, and more frequently remodel to escape the mundaneness of your life.Alas we are met with things the limit the capacity to live the way you want to live, from arbitrary issues, to simple financial ones. Luckily some easy renovations can be made to the sink.

1. Replace your old flange and basket strainer!

Is your sinks flange not working, or completely scratched up. Does your basket strainer clog things and strain them. Does the flange not match other fixtures? Whatever the reasons,regardless this is easy and cost effective upgrade. Usually all you need to do is unscrew the locknut underneath the sink and pop the old flange up, then add the new flange.

You can find all this information on youtube.


2. Add a soap or lotion dispenser!

If you have an extra faucet hole on your sink, consider using it for a soap or lotion dispenser. It takes very little time to install, and you’ll have a sleek, clean look with less clutter around the sink. You’ll also save money by buying your favorite dish soaps or hand lotions in bulk – and help the environment.

3. Install an under counter water filter!

Enjoy the taste of bottled water without the cost of paying for the bottles Rather point-of-use filtering systems fit easily under the sink, and can be installed in an afternoon by a decent Sure, this may be a bit more expensive than adding a soap dispenser or switching out a flange, but you’ll save money in the long term.

There are some very simple upgrades to make to your kitchen sink. For any plumbing needs be sure to contact us, and we will send one of our very qualified techs to come out and assess the issue.

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