The Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal, the seemingly unstoppable system, capable of draining down anything from coffee grinds to a atomic bomb. However with your daily treatment of the disposal you may actually be damaging it, which you may be frequently and engaging in, without so much as a second thought. If you want to maximize your disposals lifespan, there are certain things you should avoid exposing it to. Here are some ways to make the most out of your disposal.

Fat Oil and Grease

Fat, Oils and Grease, better known as FOG. These are all some common daily materials used in cooking, that are often mindlessly poured down the drain when they’re done being used. The problem with that is that these materials coagulate when they cool down, becoming viscous and sticky. These materials tend to stick to the walls of the disposal and to the blades. This can restrain the system from normal operating functionality. These also restrict the flow of water from the drain pipe to the sewer, which is another reason to avoid pouring it down the drain.

Hard Materials

The impellers in the garbage disposal are not the sharpest tools in the tool shed, and often get rid of waste by simply bashing it into smaller and smaller pieces. However, the impellers can only take so much damage before they begin to break. Bones, fruit, ice, and more can cause the impellers to break off. Although the whole system won’t break, you will need to fix the broken impeller.The best way to avoid damage to the disposal in the first place, is simply don’t put these things in the disposal in the first place.

If your disposal isn’t running well, or seems to not be working, give us a call, and we will come out and make sure everything is up to speed. Resurrection Plumbing is San Diego’s best 24/7 Plumber.

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