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Are you looking for the top plumber in Escondido? Look no further! Resurrection Plumbing is a leading plumbing service, repair, and installation company serving residents of Escondido. Our team of licensed, insured, and bonded plumbers provide fast, professional, and honest plumbing repairs 24 hours per day; 7 days per week. Our plumbing services are guaranteed in writing against defects in materials and workmanship. Each plumbing service we offer, from water line replacement, to garbage disposal repair includes a 100% money back guarantee – a customer care policy that is unmatched in the industry.

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Areas we repair

  • Clogged Drains

    Gas Leak Detection & Repair

  • Pipes

    Sewer Line Service

  • Water Lines

    Water Line Service

  • Toilets

    Septic systems

  • Faucets and Sinks

    Water Softeners & Water Filtration

  • Garbage Disposals

    Water Heating

  • Tankless Water Heaters

    Backflow prevention

Why We Are The #1 Trusted Plumber in Escondido!

Our plumber Escondido service is committed to service that is thorough, timely and honest. We only recommend services you need and always charge a fair price.

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24 Hour Emergency Services Available

Uniformed, Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Technicians

When you’ve found damage to a plumbing fixture, discovered a leak, or can smell natural gas leaking, contacting a professional plumber Escondido to complete emergency repairs is incredibly important. However, routine plumbing service such as maintenance is also a critical step for helping to improve the life expectancy of plumbing fixtures. Resurrection Plumbing offers multiple plumbing repair services in Escondido including:

  • Drain Repairs in Escondido: Discovered a clogged drain, or other problem with your drainage system? Resurrection Plumbing offers a professional and affordable repair solution.
  • Pipe Repairs in Escondido: Have a gas pipe, water pipe, or sewage pipe issue? Resurrection Plumbing has the experience to repair them quickly, with a focus on quality.
  • Water Line Repairs in Escondido: Have you discovered excessive build-up of calcium or rust in your water line? Resurrection Plumbing offers a professional plumbing repair.
  • Toilet Repairs in Escondido: Have a toilet clog or damage to inner toilet components? Resurrection Plumbing has 24/7 availability and the experience to get the job done right.
  • Faucet and Sink Repairs in Escondido: Are you experiencing trouble with you kitchen or bathroom faucets? Resurrection Plumbing can help to repair the damage 24/7.
  • Garbage Disposal Repairs in Escondido: Is your garbage disposal damaged? Resurrection Plumbing is experienced in diagnosing and repairing any garbage disposal issue you may have.
  • Tankless Water Heater Repairs in Escondido: Have issues with your home or business tankless water heater? Resurrection Plumbing is an expert at repairing these complex systems.

Customer reviews

      After waiting two days they no called and no showed on me.  Lied on my home warranty request and said they completed the job. Tried to call the company at 5 when the service guy no showed and they didn't answer.   Really unprofessional and no trustworthy.  I even called today to confirm

    Updated to add they even turned the job in as completed to my home warranty .  Lied and said he flushed my drain from the roof.  Pretty shady and underhanded.

    thumb Marci M.

      They were assigned my service call with American Home shield and after being notified I started reading bad Yelp reviews about all the home warranty claims including a bunch of costs that were supposedly not covered by American Home shield and homeowners complaining about 200-300 $400 bills on top of their service fee.

    I am sure there is going to be a  hostile response to this post just like all the other ones and he has done nothing wrong....we are all wrong and stupid.  there was a consistent theme across the reviews. I ended up contacting the American Home shield corporate office and ask them why they didn't pay  installation and labor and they informed me that they actually do but here is the problem. Coy, the owner comes out and decides that he wants it to look just the way he does perfect he started pointing out that there weren't enough screws in the ducting, a valve that needed to be replaced and that the strapping wasn't attached to the same wall.  I just had a VA loan inspection done 10 months ago and it passed no problems.
    Some of these things are not code issues but he said he wants his work to be perfect and 100% so if you just want a new water heater installed forget about it. I told him that we could take care of some of that ourselves and get the new copper lines in the valves and we can strap it and he said he won't let customers touch his jobs or do any part of it- he either does all of it and gets paid for it or doesn't do it at all. He ran some bath water took a couple pictures and did not attempt to repair the water heater. It is 10 years old and is taking a long time to heat and the water goes off and on he said he can't duplicate the problem with the shower head only the tub.The water ran clear, there is no corrosion. He was so upset that I had contacted American Home shield who had reached out to them about these disputes that he went back and said there was nothing wrong with my water heater and they were charging me $100 for him to come out and pretty much and do nothing. He acknowledged there could be some things that were wrong with the water heater like a magnet and the temperature control valve that corrodes and tells the unit the water is heated already, but he didn't even look at any of that he figured they would pay for a new water heater but again was so upset that I went to the corporate office and jeopardize his relationship with American Home shield that he screwed me and I went through all this and still have a water heater that is going out.  He had a huge chip on his shoulder he talked down to me, I was very abrasive. he lectured me how we aren't going to be able to take the old water heater unless we have a certain plumbing certification and how parts from Home Depot or crappy and he would use those he got parts from his own special place. Typical dealing with a home warranty and contractor crap.  He answered calls and was watching his cell phone the entire time while he was lecturing me.

    thumb Cynthia R.


Local Businessmen Brought Supplies to Hurricane Dorian Victims

Resurrection Plumbing provided Humanitarian Assistance on the ground in the Bahamas to the victims of Hurricane Dorian on behalf of smartAID. Resurrection Plumbing Founder, Coy Ream, flew to the Bahamas to help in the aftermath of the worst hurricane to hit the islands in recent history. He delivered aid and provided technical support in the hardest hit region of Abaco.

Food & Drink in Escondido


The Wooden Spoon

One of the newest, and most popular restaurants in Escondido, The Wooden Spoon was founded in 2014 by chef Jesse Paul and founder Catherine Paul. The Wooden Spoon is one of the few restaurants in Escondido offering an extensive menu feature organic and GMO-free food dishes.


J & M’s Family Restaurant

An Escondido staple, J & M’s Family Restaurant serves up some of the best home style cooking in San Diego County. Specialties include their delicious enchiladas and locally sourced eggs & ham. They also offer a variety of salads and sugar free alternatives for the more healthy eaters.


Bars & Pubs:

O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub Escondido 

O’Sullivan’s is a classic Irish pub located in the heart of Escondido. Offering pints of Guinness and popular bar food menu items including thick cut onion rings, buffalo wings, nachos, and potato skins. Make sure you try their Scotch Eggs and Corned Beef Quesadilla.


Churchill’s Pub & Grille

If you are not in the mood for an Irish Pub, make sure you check out Churchill’s Pub & Grille, a traditional English pub located in Escondido. A pub is only as good as its atmosphere and Churchill’s atmosphere is what make it stand out from all the other bars in Escondido. Try the Fish and Chips, Bangers & Mash, and the local favorite Chicken Tikka Masala.