What to Do Before the Pros Arrive

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, flood damage can definitely create a lot of unneeded stress in one’s live. When it comes to water clean up it doesn’t matter how much there is, it is essential to make sure to do a good job with proper repairs in order to ensure your family’s well being, and to keep your home’s value up.  With water damage there  is little you can do until the pros get there, but try these solutions, and you will experience more success.

  • The first step is to make sure that you are in a safe situation. Look out for hazards, and possible electrical damage. Do not try and be a hero, you will be glad you waited later.
  • Get rid of excess water using a mop, so the water doesn’t stay present. This can create pools which may lead to much more mold. This can be a costly mistake so be very careful and thorough.
  • Save your valuables and clean them up. But them in a well ventilated location, in order to protect them from and remaining water damage.
  • Don’t turn on or touch anything electoral, even a ceiling fan. You risk more damage and even your own safety.
  • Remove wet area rugs from carpet and if the carpet is damaged move the colored rugs, or you risk the color dye running.
  • DO NOT USE THE VACUUM CLEANER. You run the risk of spreading bacteria and damaging it. Keyword… wait until the pros get there. If needed use a broom and dustpan.
  • Clean all kitchen wear with hot water and bleach to kill contaminants. If you are negligent here you risk serious health risks.
  • Take damped clothing outside to dry, don’t use a dry cleaner as this spreads bacteria rather than kill it.  For more valuable clothing make sure to see a professional, as to not create further damage.
  • If there is no water damage by the HVAC, turn on the AC to speed up the drying process, and give you a leg up in the time it takes to return to your normal home life.

Whenever you are hit with flood damage, it is always important to act fast, however always call a professional. If you act fast now, you will be very very happy in the future. Follow these steps and you decrease the amount of damage, and make sure to stay safe. Contact us for San Diego’s finest plumber.

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