Issues that Can Shorten Your Pipes Life Span

Plumbing pipes are designed with the intention of lasting a long time, hopefully saving you money and headache. However, life happens, and a variety of different factors can lead to the need of early pipe replacement. If you want to keep your pipes in the best condition possible, it is important to stay informed on all potential issues. Below are some of the things that can lead to pipe replacement, and all the things you can do about it.

Nowadays the most common agent for pipes is copper, due to the fact that it does a great job protecting against rust. Although it does not rust easily, it still is just as susceptible to corrosion as many other metals..Chlorine in the air reacts poorly to the metals, so it begins to eat away at the pipes over time. When chlorine causes it, it is called pitted corrosion, and corrosion in general often times leads to very expensive and timely pipe replacements, that could have easily been avoided through regular checks and proper materials. Avoid using drain cleaners, as these only worsen the issue.

Limescale is a form of mineral buildup, which is the result of water pumping through the pipes over long periods of time. Because water flow is restricted, the pipes tend to run much less efficiently than before. If you do not have it checked, and it isn’t fixed soon, the limescale will harden, and will ruin your pipes, needing them to be removed. Now your only option would be to remove and replace the pipe, which could be a costly and again timely process.

The best way to deal with these issues is to contact your local plumber and have your pipes checked regularly. A video inspection will surely pick up all the issues that need fixing, and will help identify what you can do to have your pipes running for decades to come.

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