Cleaning Sewage-The Dangers of Sewage

The sewer backed up, and the damage is on the floor. You must examine whether or not it is a good idea to clean up the mess by yourself.

The run down….don’t even think about it. The average person lacks the equimpent, training, and knowledge to do an effective job at repair. Sewage has many nasty things, where you need proper gear. In the event of a spill….don’t waste a moment, call you local plumber ASAP.

Don’t go near sewage

Don’t even go near the area where the backup occurred. Water that comes out of the sewage system is beyond dangerous, known as blackwater (also known as category 3) can contain toxigenic and pathogenic compounds that could cause harm to both you and your familys.

Sewer water is potent in viruses 

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) states that there are over 120 viruses that can be found in feces and urine alone. This is a tiny faction of the virus found in sewage, including virus such as…

  • Rotavirus – Life threatening stomach virus in children
  • Adenoviruses – respiratory and eye issues
  • Norovirus – can cause stomach flu like issues
  • Giardia and Cryptosporidium –a cause of chronic intestinal disease in both adults and children
  • Salmonella, Shigella and Escherichia coli – Air restriction and respiratory problems

You can’t treat sewage with only bleach

Unlike other bacteria issues, the solution for sewage isn’t to just bleach it. The bleach can do a great job with the superficial aspects of cleaning, however it does not help with killing the bacteria. These are not the common household germs that bleach is known for killing, no, they are way more dangerous and will require professional intervention. Actually , we have been called in on cases where the original cleanup was done with a heavy dosage of bleach and we still found high levels of contamination throughout the treated area. Bleach will not do the trick, only a professional help will.

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