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The Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal, the seemingly unstoppable system, capable of draining down anything from coffee grinds to a atomic bomb. However with your daily treatment of the disposal you may actually be damaging it, which you may be frequently and engaging in, without so much as a second thought. If you want to maximize your disposals lifespan, there are certain things you should avoid exposing it to. Here are some ways to make the most out of your disposal.

Fat Oil and Grease

Fat, Oils and Grease, better known as FOG. These are all some common daily materials used in cooking, that are often mindlessly poured down the drain when they’re done being used. The problem with that is that these materials coagulate when they cool down, becoming viscous and sticky. These materials tend to stick to the walls of the disposal and to the blades. This can restrain the system from normal operating functionality. These also restrict the flow of water from the drain pipe to the sewer, which is another reason to avoid pouring it down the drain.

Hard Materials

The impellers in the garbage disposal are not the sharpest tools in the tool shed, and often get rid of waste by simply bashing it into smaller and smaller pieces. However, the impellers can only take so much damage before they begin to break. Bones, fruit, ice, and more can cause the impellers to break off. Although the whole system won’t break, you will need to fix the broken impeller.The best way to avoid damage to the disposal in the first place, is simply don’t put these things in the disposal in the first place.

If your disposal isn’t running well, or seems to not be working, give us a call, and we will come out and make sure everything is up to speed. Resurrection Plumbing is San Diego’s best 24/7 Plumber.

Why Video Pipe Inspection

Why to do Video Pipe Inspection

Often times the most problematic issue with plumbing, is the ability to recognize that you have a problem to deal with in the first place. Plumbing problems are often quite subtle and can only be seen by examining the pipe. This is difficult since the majority of the plumbing system is hidden in the floor, and it is quite tedious and costly to go through the floors. By the time you realize you have a problem, often times it is already way too late, and the damage is done. The only safe and reliable way to examine the pipes, and see if you have any damage is to physically go inside of them with a video pipe inspector.

Video pipe inspection is essentially taking a long chord and putting it through the pipe system, with a camera attached to the head. The camera goes through the system, and feeds back information and footage to the plumber. This method allows your plumber to find problems that need repair without having to tear up the floorboard and risk damaging the pipe.

We highly recommend that you schedule annual pipe inspection, in order to make sure that all of your pipes stay in good shape, and you avoid having damaged pipes later.  In doing this the plumber should be able to get a better grasp on your pipes and hopefully help to avoid future damage. Although it is likely that you will need repairs, you will saves thousands of dollars just by getting your pipes examined yearly, or bi yearly even, and avoid time consuming damage that will inconvenience both you and your family.

We highly recommend that you consider video pipe inspection, and contact us at Resurrection Plumbing for more information. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sewer Emergency: 5 Helpful tips to Stay Safe

There are many dreaded home issues, however a sewer one can be devastating, due to health risk and costly repairs. There is a variety of reasons to try to avoid these issues, however, until there is a major issue, most people don’t even think about sewer issues. This can lead to a variety of problems that are not always the easiest and timeliest to fix.
Here are 5 helpful tips to survive a sewer issue.

  • To avoid an issue altogether do not use the toilet for anything other than it was intended for. This includes feminine hygiene products, cigaret butts, and more. These all will back up the system over time, and create potentially devastating damage.
  • Do not overwork the garbage disposal. Fiber vegetable, coffee grounds, and more all great clogs. Oils also clog them, so be sure to dispose of these items in a more conducive manner. Although it may be easier to just put it down the disposable, it can create alot of damage.
  • Do not use a OTC drain cleaner, as the harmful chemicals actually can create a detriment on the pipes, rather than help, and even pose a potential health risk.
  • If you have a basement install a flood guard, which will keep the basement safe in the event of a leak for a relatively inexpensive cost. You will be glad you did this later.
  • Get a sewer inspection every few years to make sure that everything works properly. It is better to be safe than sorry….as sewer damage can be very costly and time consuming.

Luckily there are many companies that specialize in clean up and odor control. Call us soon to inspect your pipes, and make sure everything is up to speed. Resurrection Plumbing is well reviewed, insured plumbing company up to any task. If you take proactive steps as soon as you are aware of an issue, you will minimize the likelihood of long term and costly damage.